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Application Forms and Process

  What must I know before I apply?


Your health


It is very important to know that the people you see at Emmanuel TV on the prayer line with wheelchairs, open wounds and crutches do not stay at the SCOAN, but have other accommodation and only visit SCOAN as a day visitor. The SCOAN accommodation is on the 2de and 3de floors which require a person to have a certain level of health, managing to climb stairs several times a day between the dining room, accommodation and church. Also there are no doctors, nurses and hospital equipment to look after people who arrive before the prayer line. Lagos is also very hot and humid.


Many people believe that just stepping in to SCOAN they are healed which I respect, but I respect more the instructions given by Prophet TB Joshua to adhere by when it comes to requirements that needs to be adhere to in making use of SCOAN’s accommodation.


Some people are so desperate to visit SCOAN that they are not honest and sincere, this is a very serious offence for we know we do not lie against each other but the Holy Spirit of God and that will affect our receiving from the Lord, for all who comes to the Lord must come in humility and sincerity of heart. The way and manner we go about to receive from the Lord is very important. Therefore please be sincere and honest in applying.


I realize my health do not comply with the requirements for SCOAN accommodation; what now?


(E.g.: I am pregnant, have swollen feet/legs, open wounds, knee problems, make use of medical devices, am weak and can’t climb stairs daily up and down.)


1)     You may choose to ask a family member to visit SCOAN to stand proxy for you (having a photo of you in the healing line) and bring you anointing water by grace of God.

2)     You may choose to apply on the SCOAN website to be a daytime visitor for the prayer line (www.scoan.co.za) and then if invited by SCOAN arraign for your own accommodation close to the church.

3)    You may choose to phone the SCOAN / LAGOS prayer warriors to pray with you over the phone. See contact numbers in document last page or www.scoan.org.

How do I complete your application process?


In order to make the application process effective for you and us, we kindly request that you will read and do the following steps in detail. Please first read all the information, get all the requirements together and then fax all at the same time! Better is to scan in your forms and email them.


Step 1:


Does your health comply with the requirements stated? If yes go to step 2. If not; follow the instructions given.


Step 2


Do you have the necessary resources +-R17 800?  If not, kindly first obtain your resources before you apply. A lot of work is involved for you, us and SCOAN and you need to apply when you are ready and have your resources.


Step 3


Get everything ready and fax/email at the same time through. If you do not have everything ready please do not apply for it will affect your application negatively. Ensure you have everything right and ready before you send everything at the same time. Due to the demand the fax machine can be very busy, then rather scan in and email through. Wait two working days for us to ocnfirm we received your application. If not contact us and make sure we did recieve your applicaiton.




·        Do not mix applications if you fax/email more than one person’s application. Send it one by one, individually.

·        Get ALL 5 (five) documents TOGETHER and send it together AT THE SAME TIME. Your application will not be accepted if you do not fax us all 5 documents.


1)     Permanent passport: Fax us a copy of your permanent passport (temporary is not accepted!). Your passport must be valid for at least 12 months from date of application. If you have a passport from another country (not SA) then you also need to fax us the RSA working/residential permit in your passport.


2)     SDGT Form: It is important that we see clearly what you write, kindly print your information clearly especially your name, email address and cell phone number for this is the information we use to communicate to you.


3)     SCOAN health tick sheet: Be sincere in the presence of the Holy Spirit when completing your health condition for this influence what you’re receiving from the Lord and your testimony to the glory of God. Should you not have any condition mentioned on the form, you still need to complete passport info on page 1andsignpage 2.


4)     Proof of employment / or church letter of character reference: Submit a letter stamped and signed on your company letterhead which your HR department issued and confirm that you are currently employed. The letter must not state anything about going to SCOAN, Nigeria or leave, only that you are employed. If you are not employed then submit a letter from your church that testifies of your character and reference of your involvement in the church. Letters must not be older than 3 months of date of application. Address the letter to Consulate General Nigeria, Johannesburg South Africa”. Rivonia Road 16, Illovo, Johannesburg.


5)     Medical certificate:


EVERY SCOAN applicant needs a medical report that states the following:

1)     HIV status (if negative you need to submit results, if positive follow HIV Prayer line instructions.)

2)     Blood pleasure reading

3)     Blood sugar level reading


Your medical report needs the following to be accepted. Ensure you get it the first time correct:

·        It must be not older than 3 months of date of application

·        It must an original medical certificate

·        It must be  on an official letterhead

·        It must be in English and must be typed not handwritten

·        It must be stamped by the doctor (laboratories results also needs to be stamped, each page and signed.)

·        It must be signed by the medical doctor

       More guidelines:



Apply to SCOAN only after the birth of your baby, not before the time.


If you have problems with your eyes you need to state the degree of the problem & submit the test results.


If you have problems with your ears you need to state the degree of the problem & submit the test results.


The certificate must state clearly the degree of diabetes and if you suffer from Type 1 or 2 diabetes.

Fruit of the womb

First the couple must confirm HIV status, non HIV couples registering for fruit of the womb: the men must have a recent sperm test result and the women are required to have a scan of the womb. Also medical reports interpreting the results.


Specific HIV requirements are needed for the HIV prayer line. You need to ask us for the guidelines and examples.


Step 4

Wait patiently for SCOAN to inform us when you will be interviewed. Note that the SCOAN will in their own time send a team to do interviews in South Africa. This is not determined by me, but by Prophet TB Joshua and the leading of the Holy Spirit. You are therefore required to keep your eyes and faith on the Lord Jesus at all times. When the team comes I will inform all the applicants who completed the process fully and accurately.


Step 5


After applications are interviewed SCOAN will process information and inform me the status of your interview results which I will communicate to each applicant.


Step 6


Invited applicants will pay me the tour fee and I will start with the visa application process. After successful visa applications the flight dates will be arraigned and communicated.


Step 7


Visit glory land – SCOAN



We have secular works and called by the Lord’s grace to assist people visiting Scoan after hours. The demand is huge and in these hours we mainly process applications, reply to emails and sms. It is therefore not easy to reach us by phone. The best way to communicate is via email or sms.


Download Info to Apply August 2014.pdf

SDGT Application form

SDGT Application form

Download SDGT FORM Aug 10v1 2014.pdf

SCOAN Health form

SCOAN health form

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HIV SCOAN requirements 2014

HIV SCOAN Prayerline requirements

Download HIV MEDICAL REPORTS SCOAN 2014v10.pdf

HIV Example National Health blood results

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HIV Example LANCET blood results


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HIV Example Government Letter example

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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